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50 Pack of Mighty Gadget Brand 12" X 12" Foam Wrap Sheets Cushioning for Moving Storage Packing and Shipping Supplies, 50-Pack (White)

Brand: Mighty Gadget 

UPC: 6766281985613

  • You will receive 50 sheets of Mighty Gadget brand package cushioning foam sheets - Dimensions: 12x12 inch with 1/8 inch thickness. Buy them once and they can be reused over and over again.

  • These thick low-density polyethylene foam sheets provide perfect protections for your fragile & delicate items such as dishes, glasses and china. These strong light-weight foam sheets offer both the most protection and the most flexibility, making it easy to wrap items of any shape.

  • Wrap furniture legs and corners to protect from scratches during bumps in the move or when shipping. Also perfect for collectibles, picture frames and glass objects.

  • This protective foam helps store your seasonal items. collectibles, picture frames and glass objects. Keep your delicate Christmas ornaments or those special china plates you only bring out for thanksgiving dinner

  • Mighty Gadget (R) is a US Registered Trademark and is exclusively sold by Mighty Gadget (USA Merchant). Genuine Mighty Gadget products must have our Mighty Gadget logo and/or tags on the inside or outside of our product packages.

Mighty Gadget (R) Cushion Foam Sheets - we know moving is stressful enough without having to worry about whether your belongings will make it to your new home in one piece, so we’ve produced foam sheets that provide enough cushioning to protect all your belongings. Our foam sheets work perfectly on both large items such as furniture legs and small items such as picture frames. Once you’ve moved you can use the cushioning foam sheets all year round to protect seasonal items like Christmas ornaments and delicate dishes. Our foam sheets are made from low-density polyethylene making them lightweight, flexible and strong. It’s the perfect material for all your wrapping needs.

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