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Initial infringement report was filed on April 19, 2018 with complaint ID 5004515291. On April 24, 2018, Amazon responded, “Thank you for your report of infringement. We reviewed your report and removed the following content based on the information you provided. ASIN: B073SBZPWY Complaint ID: 5004515291.” See  . As of today, no removal action is done.


This is the 2nd complain filled to you. We hope you can take this case fairly for the accused seller is


Amazon is selling this item without our authorization and without a genuine Mighty Gadget ® brand. We made a test purchase, Order # 114-1756429-2925035. After we received the item sold by, it’s obvious the item is unlawful reproduction of a registered trademark.  Please see our discoveries below:


Counterfeit Proof:


  1. Counterfeit Item – From Amazon official product page - , it states clearly that “Mighty Gadget (R) is a US Registered Trademark and is exclusively sold by Mighty Gadget (USA Merchant). Genuine Mighty Gadget products must have our Mighty Gadget logo and/or tags on the inside or outside of our product packages.” However, the item purchased from is a generic product that does not have the registered trademark logo on the product. Please see the image at


  1. Not as Described - Amazon’s official product page describes that customer is buying a Mighty Gadget Brand foam sheets. The test purchase from amazon proves that Amazon is selling a non-brand generic item that does not match the exact product description page. See


  1. Exclusive Agreement - Mighty Gadget (USA Merchant) is the exclusive distributor of Deal-Commerce LLC, the registered rights owner of Mighty Gadget ® trademark. If can’t provide an invoice issue by Deal-Commerce LLC on B073SBZPWY, then is selling counterfeits. See

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