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Mighty Gadget (R) 3/16" Air Bubble Cushioning Roll Perforated at every 12" - 30 ft Roll


  • Better than newspaper paper, our premium air bubble cushioning sheets can make packaging your fragile items easier than ever. Protect your valuables with an extra layer of air. You can protect furniture legs and corners to protect from scratches during bumps in the move or when shipping. Also perfect for collectibles, picture frames and glass objects.

  • Our roll of bubble cushion is conveniently perforate every 12" so you can easily tear a sheet and pack even smaller items without wasting any cushion. This will especially come handy for packing small glasses or gadgets.

  • They are lightweight and versatile. Perfect for packing, shipping and moving items, since it offers maximum protection with minimum weight.

  • Mighty Gadget (R) is a US Registered Trademark and is exclusively sold by Mighty Gadget (USA Merchant). Genuine Mighty Gadget products must have our Mighty Gadget logo and/or tags on the inside or outside of our product packages.

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